• Pre-ACT Exam

  • Complete Learning Styles Inventory and journal entry


Career Exploration

  • Use Career Selector tool to research careers based on criteria and explore  results saving a minimum of 3 careers.

  • Journal Entry:  pros and cons of saved and suggested careers.

Education Planning

  • Review college planning timeline.

  • Explore schools and majors offered saving at least 2 majors and 2 schools. (ACP5)

  • Complete 10th grade course selection (adjust 11/12th grade if applicable) (ACP6)

  • Attend vocational school campus tour.

  • Attend 8th grade transition meeting

  • Guidance Interview

Portfolio Development

  • Save Learning Styles Inventory and Career Selector results

  • Save at least one career of interest and a My Journal entry.

  • Save at least two majors and two schools of interest.

  • Update hobbies, extra curriculars, and goals.

Financial Literacy and Life Skills

  • Be Real Game (Unit 1: 1-6)

Other Academic and Career Topics embedded throughout curriculum


  • Field trips with advanced and independent art students

Career Exploration

  • Explore and discuss careers in the area of leadership, fitness, and health.

  • Explore and discuss careers in the area of foreign language

  • Explore and discuss careers in the area of science including specific videos

  • Science field trips, guest speakers

  • Military visits

  • Guest speakers in the area of art

  • Shadow days

  • Speakers on Agricultural/Tech field

  • ACP Field Trips

Education Planning

  • Discussion in the area of science on college requirements and what AP scores transfer as.

  • Speakers from Blanchardville in the area of art

  • Xello

  • Guidance Interviews