• Gather letters of recommendation

  • College campus visits (Schedule 2)

  • Choose and, if applicable, apply to post-secondary options

  • Complete scholarships

  • Attend financial aid night

  • Complete FAFSA

  • Revisit Matchmaker and My Skills assessments.

Career Exploration

  • Review Career Selector results and retake if necessary.

  • Attend Colony Brands Career Expo

  • Job Shadow

  • ACP Field Trips

  • Youth Apprenticeship

  • Work Study

Education Planning

  • Review School Selector results and update.

  • Review Financial Aid Selector and scholarships, updating as necessary.

  • Setup College Application, Scholarship and Financial Aide Trackers.

  • Review Post-Secondary Plan and Personal College Profile.

  • Request transcripts and recommendation letters.

  • Scholarship Day

  • Financial Aid Night

  • Xello

Portfolio Development

  • Update hobbies, interests, extra curriculars, awards, work experiences and certifications.

Financial Literacy and Life Skills

  • Update resume and cover letter saving to My Files.

  • Review Interview Skills and Work Search sections in Employment Guide.

  • Attend Reality Store in Argyle

Other Academic and Career Topics embedded throughout curriculum


  • Field trips with advanced and independent art students

  • DAR Good Citizen

Career Exploration

  • Explore and discuss careers in the area of leadership, fitness, and health.

  • Explore and discuss careers in the area of foreign language

  • Explore and discuss careers in the area of science including specific videos

  • Science field trips, guest speakers

  • Military visits

  • Guest speakers in the area of art

  • Shadow days

  • Speakers on Agricultural/Tech field

Education Planning

  • Discussion in the area of science on college requirements and what AP scores transfer as.

  • Speakers from Blanchardville in the area of Art

  • Guidance Interview