State Report Cards

Wisconsin Act 55 requires the Pecatonica Area School District to annually publish notice the most recent school accountability performance category assigned to each school within the school district. 

Access to these reports can be found on the DPI Website where the public is able to view other public school district report cards as well. 

We are also required to inform parents of their educational options available to their children within the school district. There are no charter schools or private schools located within the Pecatonica Area School District Boundaries. In order to attend a school other than Pecatonica, students would have to open enroll out of the district.

Parents of children with special education needs should be aware that there is a special needs voucher program available. For more information, please see the Wisconsin DPI website for this program. To access information about the Special Needs Scholarship program, please visit the Wisconsin DPI's website

Academic Standards
Be advised that the Pecatonica Area School District uses standards designated by professional content organizations and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in its curriculum design and content delivery. For more information on the specific standards used, please review the Academic Standards document in the document container on our website (below).