Hydroponics come to Pec... PASD was the first district in the region to run a hydroponics unit using a new Flex Farm system acquired by CESA 3 (thank you to CESA 3!) The Flex Farm system is from Fork Farms located on Lombardi Ave. in Green Bay. 

The Flex Farm system uses 98% less land and 98% less water than traditional agriculture and zero food miles. It is 40% more energy efficient than other hydroponic systems in part due to its cylindrical design which wastes less light from the LED light source. Pec high school botany students assembled the unit, middle school science students planted the lettuce seeds, and the botany students checked the pH and nutrient levels twice a week for 7 weeks. 

This morning botany students harvested the lettuce and it was used by our lunch program for the middle school/high school salad bar. #PecatonicaProud